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My name is Ewen Bell. I believe that 'what goes around comes around', so I built this website to share my knowledge and experience. The joy of photography for me is sharing what makes the world beautiful.

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Inspiration and information to help you make the most of your travel and photography
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Why build this site?
I decided a long time ago that I wanted to make a positive difference to the world. As a travel journalist I have some opportunity to share my opinions but I rarely get a chance to tell it like it is. Not to the extent I want. This site gives me a chance to share with the world some of the insights I have gained into travel, and what destinations are really worth going that extra mile to photograph.

If you decide you like the philosophies and information on this site then please consider joining me for a photography tour somewhere in the world, or buy a copy of one of my books. In essence the website gives you a chance to try before you buy - you can see upfront how I work, what principles I employ to do my job and what philosophies influence my creative use of the camera.


Who is Ewen Bell?
I took up photography because I can't draw or paint. I spent much of my life working in career jobs, trying to be a more valued member of society and working long hours to achieve distant goals. Photography came a poor second in my world. Then I discovered travel and rediscovered photography. Since then I have worked hard to make up for lost time. Life is too short.

I have been working full-time in travel and photography since 2002. I shoot brochures for adventure tour operators, photograph image libraries for tourist boards, explore new destinations for my own photographic collection, research travel experiences for the travel media and lead a handfull of tours each year to share my photographic philosophies first hand.


Why give it away for free?
Why not? Keeping my experiences locked away in a chest wont help anybody, but by sharing what I know it might inspire others to chase their own dream. I'm a lucky person to have a lifestyle that is so rich in travel, meeting new people and exploring the most fascinating places on earth. I'd be a scoundrel not to share a little of that.

The material on the website is presented to be useful. If you think it could be better then please drop me a line with your suggestions. If you think it's already top notch then help me keep going by supporting one of my advertisers or come on a tour with me. I do believe that "what goes around comes around", so I am making my best effort to give you something of value in the hope that a little value comes back my way too!


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