Photography for Travellers | by ewen bell

This is the home of Photography for Travellers, the book. Words and pictures to inspire and instruct, practical philosophies for photographic journeys.

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Or else I have to go and get a job.
This book is the result of many journeys spent exploring the world, collecting images for travel publications and instructing travellers in the art of photography. This is the collective wisdom of those travels, the informative details and broader philosophies that have proved themselves over and over.

Themes contained within these pages are presented to help share your riches and take greater control of the creative process. This is not a rigorous course in the technical studies of the camera, rather a series of inspirations and contemplations. The real joy in photography comes not from F-stops and light meters, but from imagination and expression.

Photography is a pursuit of art and beauty, and like travel, is worthy of some philosophy. Take this book with you as a companion for your journeys. The art of photography is itself a journey and that is why travel and the camera are such good friends.

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