Photography for Travellers
Tshechu in Bumthang Abisko Sky Station (Ewen Bell) Agrarian Kitchen High above the town of Muktinath My happy place in the mountains Icelandic Horse Beach. Bistro. Bokeh. Sunrise in Freycinet Night Colours in Lofoten
Inspiration and information to help you make the most of your travel and photography.

Inspiring Journeys

Quiet Moments with a Thunder Dragon

The people of Bhutan refer to their nation as the land of the Thunder Dragon, a title that evokes images of fire breathing monsters and villages fleeing from destruction. The reality is something far more peaceful.
Tshechu in Bumthang


Creating Opportunity to Be Creative

The most important step towards taking better photos is to make the effort to get out and find your inspirational subjects.
IG by Emma Crameri

Practical Philosophies

Love is a Lens

Can you truly love your photography if you don't love your camera? It's the lenses I truly love however, that's where the character comes from.
Love is a Lens
Icelandic Horse