Photography for Travellers
Icelandic Horse Beach. Bistro. Bokeh. Sunrise in Freycinet Night Colours in Lofoten Nikon Df Making Tracks Lumix GM1 Inle Lake Myanmar Mekong Sunset Food and Streets of Melbourne Bulldust in Kagbeni X-M1 in Silver with 18mm f/2 Fujinon Dancing in Xijiang Wide open spaces splash
Inspiration and information to help you make the most of your travel and photography.

Photographic Field Guides

The One Essential Food Shot

Most food shots you see in travel magazines were taken far from the controlled confines of a studio, and having the ability to add a great looking dish to your folio of photos is essential for any aspiring travel journo. Here's a quick primer on how to setup that shot and make it work wonders.
The One Essential Food Shot
Food and Streets of Melbourne

Inspiring Journeys

Circles and The Camera

There's a deep irony in writing 1000 words on why images can elicit a deep emotional response. For those who want to know why I do what I do, in magazines and workshops, then please read on.
Beach. Bistro. Bokeh.

Practical Philosophies

Love is a Lens

Can you truly love your photography if you don't love your camera? It's the lenses I truly love however, that's where the character comes from.
Love is a Lens
Icelandic Horse