Photography for Travellers
Trails to the West (Ewen Bell) Looking back on the light The best thing since slicing bread? Tshechu in Bumthang Abisko Sky Station (Ewen Bell) Agrarian Kitchen High above the town of Muktinath My happy place in the mountains Icelandic Horse
Inspiration and information to help you make the most of your travel and photography.


The Unique Copy

Taking a photo is literally the act of copying an original. My career is a little like that too, I owe everything to somebody. Today I’m digging a little deeper and practising some gratitude for the community around me that has made my world a wonderfully creative place.
Looking back on the light

Inspiring Journeys

Quiet Moments with a Thunder Dragon

The people of Bhutan refer to their nation as the land of the Thunder Dragon, a title that evokes images of fire breathing monsters and villages fleeing from destruction. The reality is something far more peaceful.
Tshechu in Bumthang

Practical Philosophies

Bigger Than A Bread Box

It’s not so much size that matters when shooting food, but scale. It’s the hardest part of working with make-shift studio space, but giving yourself space to shoot will change your food photography forever.
Bigger Than A Bread Box
The best thing since slicing bread?